A Spring Shoot

Today I officially started something that I have been meaning to start for nearly 11 months, a new mobile website. A blog for all the non-tech folks out there who want to either find usable information about their cell / mobile phones or a place to share with others their experiences in a way that is more about sharing & D.I.Y. than about mobile tech geekery.
I set up the blog, though I still need to work out the layout / style, and I shot my first video with my Mom’s friend Debbie who is the mildly bewildered owner of a hand-me-down refurbished Nokia 6750 from AT&T.
The questions I will be asking folks are:
1) What phone do you have?
2) What do you like best about your phone?
3) What did you figure out how to do all by yourself?
4) What do you like least or frustrates you about your phone?
5) What do you wish you knew how to do with your phone?
If you would like to be interviewed, let me know.
Give me the rest of the weekend and Cell Phones for the Rest of Us will be officially launched.

2 thoughts on “A Spring Shoot

  1. Glad you’ll be starting this blog. I’m about to launch a project to make our community news & info venue, OaklandLocal.com, as accessible as possible to people who rely primarily on lower-end “feature phones” that lack a fancy browser, pricey data plan, or wifi.
    Will your blog be covering feature phones as well as smart phones?
    – Amy Gahran

  2. Hi Amy,
    I have been talking about it for a year and now is time to do it. I can’t sit here and complain that the mobile blogging elite calls the person on the street a ‘Normob’ unless I am willing to do something about it. So do it I will.
    I would like to use the blog to celebrate how folks use their phones, which maybe in unexpected ways, to help with tutorials on how to use common phones from the carriers, both feature & smart, as well as create a fun DIY space for folks to share how they are using their phones.
    I know some manager & executive level career ladies in my area who have bedazzled their blackberries to add their own touch. That interview will be the second or third on the docket.
    As for feature phones on this blog, I am mostly obsessed with camera phones, so if a feature phone comes down the pike that has a good or at least fun camera, I am more than willing to review it.

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