Why, Yes, There Have Been Some Changes Around These Parts

Mon 01.18.10 – If you are reading this on a feed/RSS/Atom, then you haven’t noticed anything unless you click through, but if you are reading this on the website then you can see that I have made some incremental changes.
The changes I have made have mostly been an attempt to improve the speed of the site for you, the reader, as YSlow and Google’s Webmaster have let me know that this site was a bit sluggish.
I have noticed the slowdown the last year, of which I believe have been a combination of more and more entries, the shared hosting that I have my sites on, and a few blogging software configuration issues.
Today, I did the following:
1) I reduced the Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen index page to 6 entries rather than 12, as the home page is image heavy.
2) I combined some scripts and stylesheets, as well as eliminating a few that not currently being used but were legacy code bits.
3) I cleaned up the sidebars on the index and entry pages to reduce the http requests, as well as taking the Flickr Badge off the index page as it was causing a whole second of rendering time.
4) Plus a few other Movable Type template tweaks.
What I still need to do:
5) Combine as much of the javascript for the site, comments, and lightbox as possible into one script with out causing conflicts.
6) Figure out a better Movable Type to blackphoebe.mobi solution. The current one that I threw up in a day in January 2008 is slowing down the whole install.
Let me know if the site is faster for you and if the changes are good or not working. Thanks!