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Today’s Big Adventure: A Trip to The Vet

Scruffy's X-Rays  - Lung InfectionScruffy's X-Rays  - Lung Infection

Photos of Scruffy’s x-rays taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97 with permission from Dr. Kali.

Fri 01.22.10 – The last 3 days have been very worrisome & exhausting as Scruffy has been very sick with a hacking, honking cough that has kept both of us up. Dr. Kali at North Tustin Veternary Clinic was a gem today, he was very calm with Scruffy, got the X-rays, we talked over the results, without any panic about kennel cough or pneumonia.
While Scruffy may have one or the other or another type of bacterial lung infection, I appreciated Dr. Kali’s calmness and professionalism. Scruffy is on a regime of antibiotics and doggy cough syrup, as well as under strict instructions to stay away from all other dogs for 2 weeks. He is still coughing intermittently, but not anywhere as hard or with the same duration and hopefully the cough syrup will keep him sedated enough to get both of us a good night’s sleep.