The Google Nexus One Phone, The Gushing Geysers of Hype or is it Hope?

The geyers are a’ gushin’ on the Google Nexus One reveal this morning:
The Atlantic Wire filtering Engadget & TechCrunch’s reviews : Nexus One: The Summary Judgement
ars technica : Google’s biggest announcement was not a phone, but a URL
Frog : Why Google Had to Take Control of Android with Nexus One
Tuttle LA’s own Matt Kapko at The Eye on Mobile: Google is in the trenches while Apple is in our pockets
TechCrunch : Apple And Google Just Tag Teamed The U.S. Carriers
Quote from the last article:

“Think about your cellphone and cellular service five years ago. Both were likely horrible. But you were content in your misery, because you didn’t know any better.”

Actually, TechCrunch, no, five years ago – Jaunary 2005, I had AT&T’s data all to myself and a Nokia N7610 with email, a web browser, a cameraphone, and Lifeblog; I was not miserable and the combo was the opposite of horrible. It didn’t get horrible until late 2006 when (Cingular) AT&T in LA started degrading in its service. Then again, I have not owned a phone that was branded by a carrier since 2004. Since 2004, all of my phones have been unlocked and unbranded, praise be to Amazon and Nokia.
My own toddle down memory lane aside, I will be watching what Google does with their own Android mobile. I won’t be spending $529 to buy this nexus one, when I do have that amount extra, I will be buying Nokia N900 Maemo mobile as I love that it has python natively on the mobile, Maemo is more open from the dev point of view, it has a qwerty keyboard and the camera kicks bootay.
Even though I am not ready to part with $529 for the Google Nexus One, I am very excited that Android is continuing to mature as a mobile OS and that Google is taking more control of the product. If I were forced to choose between the Nexus One and the iPhone 3GS for my next purchased mobile, I would definitely choose Google over Apple.