Peeping Through the Keyhole

Julie Wanda and Erika at the Huntington Library Chinese garden section

Photo of Julie Wanda and Erika taken by Ms. Jen with a Nikon D70s.

Sat 01.02.10 – A week and a half ago, Julie Wanda and I go talking about what would be fun to do for New Year’s Eve, I suggested that we go to dim sum and then to the Huntington Library to visit the gardens. She reminded me that she had to work on New Year’s Eve until 4pm. Julie Wanda and I have a tradition to go to dim sum for lunch on New Year’s Day, as we mused our options, Erika pointed out that the Huntington would be closed on New Year’s Day.
After a bit of too-ing and fro-ing with the idea, we all decided that today would be the day to go to dim sum lunch at Elite Restaurant in Monterey Park and then proceed to the Huntington for a good toddle about the gardens. I brought the Nikon D70s as well as the ever present Nokia camera phone and took over 300 photos between both cameras.
A truly delightful day in lovely gardens (the camelias are blooming!) with good friends.
The above is my favorite photo of the 300, but I have about 20 more photos that I really like, but I will post them tomorrow.