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Nokia 3G Booklet : Day 2 : User Experience Humor

Microsoft Users

Photo taken of the Booklet screen by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Tues 01.26.10 – Today was also a busy work day, thus my only accomplishments in making progress with the Nokia Booklet was to download and install the Oceanis Change Background program that Vaibhav of The Symbian Blog recommended.
Apparently the version of the Attack of the Redmond Drones that Nokia installed on the Booklet, Windows 7 Starter, is a non-starter in that it does very little and really is only there to irritate the Booklet’s owner into returning it or paying MicroSquash $80+ to upgrade to Windows 7 Home or Ultimate. Since, I have no intention of giving any $$ to the dreaded Mordor, I mean, Redmond, I instead put a call of help out to Twitter and my mobile Tweeps delivered.
When I installed Oceanis Change Background, it put a very amusing cartoon in places of the Windows logo, of which I have taken a photo of and placed above, the caption that satirically sums up MicroSquash:

“It’s a revolutionary approach really…
Instead of developing new software adjusted to the user’s needs, we’ve started developing new users, adjusted to the software’s needs.”

I also let the Booklet phone home to Finland and update itself and add Nokia Ovi Suite and the Nokia Social Hub. Ovi Suite is just the new name for Nokia PC Suite which is the way one is to supposedly manage one’s mobile device’s relationship with one’s PC, but my mobile, currently a Nokia N97, is a Protestant and does not need to a middleman to manage its relationship with its deity, the MacBook Pro in this case. So, I closed Ovi Suite when it wanted the N97 to come to confession and make a connection.


Nokia 3G Booklet : Day 1, The Attack of the Redmond Drones

The Nokia 3G Booklet sitting on top of my Apple MacBook Pro 15"

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Project52 : Week 4
Mon. 01.25.10 – Late this morning the Nokia 3G Booklet arrived from the folks at WOMWorld/Nokia for a two week trial review period. I am quite excited about this, I do love to tinker about on a new computer, especially one as lovely and beautifully designed as the Nokia 3G Booklet.
It is cute! It is tiny! It is solid! It is light in weight! It is well-made! Did I mention it was beautifully designed and cute?!?
And then….
I turned it on and I was confronted with the… evil blue background with the light waving Windows logo. Gah.
Fifteen minutes into my new love affair with #37, I had to turn her off and put her back into her wrapping and two boxes and then put her box under my bed, because Windows 7 had so elevated my blood pressure that I was ready to call DHL to take #37 back to London and then write a scathing review of how F*cking Evil Windows is and How it is the Worst Possible Decision… blah blah blah… all because I spent 15 mins trying to figure out how to change the damned Windows background into something more eye pleasing. Big, deep breath.
So, I returned to the work project that is on deadline for tomorrow and then surreptitiously searched Google for ‘Nokia 3G Booklet Hackintosh‘, ‘Nokia 3G Booklet Ubuntu 9.10 USB live boot‘, etc. Yes, I spent most of the rest of the afternoon deep in dual work mode and researching my options for a USB live boot of a real OS, an OS that keeps one’s blood pressure at normal.
Which computer or mobile operating system one likes is not just a matter of brand preference, or what your friends like, or what you have already spent the time to learn, it is also about a mental metaphor and mind map. And that mental metaphor / mind map may still be uncomfortable even after learning how to use a system. Sometimes, one just has to give up an operating system that does not fit one’s mental processes and move on to one that does. After reluctantly using Windows for years, I happily and with abandon switched over to Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X about 4 – 5 years ago and have never looked back.
I gladly pay the Apple Tax to get lovely, well designed hardware and OS. I am also happy to pay the Nokia Tax to get kick ass mobile cameraphones, even if I continue to be bewildered by Nokia’s hard-on for all things Windows and how their Symbian mobile OS is mapped to Windows and its metaphor. One of the reasons that I am so excited about the Nokia N900 is that its OS is Maemo which is a lovely mobile version of Linux.
All of this adds up to, right now I just can’t open up #37 the lovely Nokia 3G Booklet again, until I have time to create a USB stick with a live boot of Ubuntu or Moblin for the Booklet.


Cough Syrup Mustache: Scruffy McDoglet Update

Scruffy & his cough syrup mustache

Photo by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Mon 01.25.10 – Thanks to everyone who has inquired about Scruffy’s health. The good news is that he is on the mend. He is still coughing, but it has reduced in quantity and volume. Scruffy is still sleeping a lot and is a bit cranky (Sorry, Gracie!).
Today, he discovered that sleeping on his back made for less wheezing and coughing. And as he was sleeping on his back, I noticed his cough syrup mustache and needed to take a photo.
Sadly, Scruffy is still on quarantine from other dogs and when Magnus came over to visit today, Scruffy couldn’t go out and play.

Today’s Big Adventure: A Trip to The Vet

Scruffy's X-Rays  - Lung InfectionScruffy's X-Rays  - Lung Infection

Photos of Scruffy’s x-rays taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97 with permission from Dr. Kali.

Fri 01.22.10 – The last 3 days have been very worrisome & exhausting as Scruffy has been very sick with a hacking, honking cough that has kept both of us up. Dr. Kali at North Tustin Veternary Clinic was a gem today, he was very calm with Scruffy, got the X-rays, we talked over the results, without any panic about kennel cough or pneumonia.
While Scruffy may have one or the other or another type of bacterial lung infection, I appreciated Dr. Kali’s calmness and professionalism. Scruffy is on a regime of antibiotics and doggy cough syrup, as well as under strict instructions to stay away from all other dogs for 2 weeks. He is still coughing intermittently, but not anywhere as hard or with the same duration and hopefully the cough syrup will keep him sedated enough to get both of us a good night’s sleep.