Nokia 3G Booklet : Day 2 : User Experience Humor

Microsoft Users

Photo taken of the Booklet screen by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Tues 01.26.10 – Today was also a busy work day, thus my only accomplishments in making progress with the Nokia Booklet was to download and install the Oceanis Change Background program that Vaibhav of The Symbian Blog recommended.
Apparently the version of the Attack of the Redmond Drones that Nokia installed on the Booklet, Windows 7 Starter, is a non-starter in that it does very little and really is only there to irritate the Booklet’s owner into returning it or paying MicroSquash $80+ to upgrade to Windows 7 Home or Ultimate. Since, I have no intention of giving any $$ to the dreaded Mordor, I mean, Redmond, I instead put a call of help out to Twitter and my mobile Tweeps delivered.
When I installed Oceanis Change Background, it put a very amusing cartoon in places of the Windows logo, of which I have taken a photo of and placed above, the caption that satirically sums up MicroSquash:

“It’s a revolutionary approach really…
Instead of developing new software adjusted to the user’s needs, we’ve started developing new users, adjusted to the software’s needs.”

I also let the Booklet phone home to Finland and update itself and add Nokia Ovi Suite and the Nokia Social Hub. Ovi Suite is just the new name for Nokia PC Suite which is the way one is to supposedly manage one’s mobile device’s relationship with one’s PC, but my mobile, currently a Nokia N97, is a Protestant and does not need to a middleman to manage its relationship with its deity, the MacBook Pro in this case. So, I closed Ovi Suite when it wanted the N97 to come to confession and make a connection.

I have yet to set up the Nokia Social Hub, which will be a client for Twitter (got Tweetdeck), Facebook (just say no), and Flickr. I will try it tomorrow, I promise.
Most amusingly, given the 3G part of the Booklet’s name, I have yet to pop my AT&T sim chip into the Booklet and try out my local 3G connectivity. I have been using WiFi so far and the AT&T 3G in my neighborhood is not much better than the EDGE due to an overabundance of iPhones hogging the bandwidth.
Hopefully tomorrow morning, a certain Mr. Steve Jobs will make my year and announce that the next iteration of the iPhone will only be available on Verizon. If he does that, I will love him forever, as the drop calls will reduce and the 3G will return as all the fanbois thunder off to Verizon. I have been told by Brian Fling via Twitter that I am dreaming as the iPhone will not go to Verizon. I am allowed to dream.
I will wait until midday tomorrow to try about the 3G on the Booklet when most of the neighborhood iPhone owners are off at work.
And last but not least, I made several attempts to download Ubuntu’s Netbook Remix but the link is broken, as Andrew found out, and am now using my old Dell that runs Ubuntu to download the regular version of 9.04, of which I will create a live disk image to put on a USB key to see if I can run a live boot version of Ubuntu on the Booklet without actually installing it as Andrew did today on #38.
That’s all folks. Sorry, no rant tonight.