Blackberry Storm 2 : Video Talk with my brother Joe about his new Crackberry

Sun 01.10.10 – I went over to my brother’s house today and he showed me the Blackberry Storm 2 that he got this week at his new job. He has had the original Blackberry Storm for the last 12 months and I knew that he had many frustrations with the original Storm, so I asked him if he would do a quick video interview to compare the two Storms.
In this video, Joe talks about the software and OS improvements that Blackberry made to make the Storm 2 the phone that they should have released last year. We also talk about the experience of having a pure touchscreen with no qwerty or alphanumeric T-9 keyboard.
Overall, Joe is much happier with the Storm 2 than with the original, but the other folks at work are still sticking to their qwerty keyboard Blackberrys and Joe is the only one who chose the touchscreen Storm 2.
The video was filmed by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.