Who Cares? Really? I Want to Know…

Rockstars do it all the time. If they don’t, it tarnishes their reputations.
Movie Stars would be deadly dull if they didn’t.
Sports dudes also do it, unless they are shooting ‘roids, then maybe they can’t.
We live in a culture saturated with it, so really people why does the media even care?
At least half the reporters reporting on this case have. So, why does it matter?
Yes, I am talking about Tiger.
So, the esteemed Mr. Woods is a horn dog. Yep, a multi-millionaire got some pussy.
Why do you care? Are you jealous? Did you wish you could score that much?
Or you like me and are baffled about this being news?
Baffled in a culture saturated in sex as to why the media would even cover such a thing when there are wars going on, people being killed, and budgets being strained by eight years of overseas military expenditures.
Is it the golf factor? Yes, golf is deadly dull, so the astounding fact that some chicks would divert attention from the stars of football, baseball, soccer, rock, hip-hop, actors to a golf dude is that what is so titillating? Is that the story, groupies for golf dudes?
Or is is the story as Cecily and Tiffany have pointed out? Is this story really about the Swedish Model Wife done wrong?
Wake me up when Jeff Sessions or Robert Byrd are outed as having life long gay high school sweetheart lovers.

One thought on “Who Cares? Really? I Want to Know…

  1. Oh Jen… if the media didn’t hound Mr. Woods, then they would have to cover the mundane of life, how our pols are squandering our money and the various other bad things going on. As well, they would have to also cover the good things happening in life.
    We certainly can’t have that, now can we? And people wonder why millions watch a YouTube video of kittens being tickled and not the local news… 🙂

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