‘Tis My Favorite Time of the Year

Winter Solstice, where the Northern Hemisphere has the longest night and shortest day of the year, happened today at 9:47am PST / 17:47 UTC.
Today ushers in my favorite season of the year: Winter.
I love it. I love the chill. I love being outside at night while snow is falling. I love skiing. I love walking in the winter. I love wearing more clothes. I love the lack of sun and heat. Love it.
My greatest disappointment in living in Southern California is the lack of snow.
I realize that the reason that everyone else, all the other 16-19 million folks who share this metro area with me, lives here is the utter lack of the snow. Saturday’s weather is the real reason they live here: 80F at the beach.
I can have my fantasies. Yes, I can. The last few days I have watching my European, British, and East Coast friends’ Flickrstreams for photos of snow falling in the night.
Here are a few of the truly lovely winter scenes from various locales that are not SoCal from the last 48 or so hours:

cliché snowing in england shot La neige à Limoges : acte III Big Sky Country What a ride! Blimey Snow baby!, Denmark Street, Bristol
All photos from friends on Flickr, please click on the photo for the larger version.

2 thoughts on “‘Tis My Favorite Time of the Year

  1. Yay! All the days will start getting longer at last. I hate it when it gets dark at 4pm 🙁
    Though I have been loving the early dashing of snow here. We don’t normally get it until feb. Nice little christmas present – pls stay around for Christmas though – even if it’s just a light dusting of flakes?
    I don’t like the ice though. It’s very hard to carry suitcase up an icy driveway. It was like being on a game show yesterday :S
    Advance Merry Christmas MsJen ^_^

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