The Last Monday of 2009

Extra high tide this morning Breach in the Seal Beach winter berm brings the high tide and sand to Seal Way 2 Hours after High Tide and it is still very high Flooding - Knee High to a Grown Man Claudia Callis waves Midafternoon meet up with Alex & Diego Hernandez Jackie and Baby Diego - who is 3 months old as of yesterday Beautiful Sky near Sunset Sun is setting Amazing sunset draws folks to watch Sun dips behind the clouds Sun goes down, as Tractor reinforces the sand berm at the Seal Beach Pier

Photos taken by ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Mon 12.28.09 – The last Monday of 2009 was an eventful day in Seal Beach, as the early morning high tide was really high and flooded the south end of Seal Beach as well as Seal Way near the pier. My morning walk route with the dogs was a bit interrupted by the water, but the wonder of it all was amazing. Most of the home owners were in good spirits as the water did not come up to their doors, but only to the first step or so.