Conversation with Al, Jeb, & Ms. Jen #4

Conversation with Al, Jeb, & Ms. Jen #4
On the Nokia N900, Al’s Trip to Thailand, Jules’ iPhone, etc.
(or how we gush about the Nokia N900 for nearly 20 minutes)
Video’d by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97
at Tuttle Club LA on Friday 12.04.09
Twitter: @not_al, @jebbrillant, @msjen

1) Al talks about his trip to Thailand and the beer he brought back for @Geoffsays.
2) Says hi to @julesschroom, @KizzieFK, @vardenrhode, and new Tuttler David.
3) Al talks about the Fake store in Bangkok with Andrew Currie. The Fake Store sells fake mobile phones made in Asia.
4) Most of the fake phones have dual sim chip ports, Al, Jeb, and I think that all mobile phones whould have two sim slots to switch between phone numbers.
5) Al and Ms. Jen then discuss our technological issues with filming the video with the Nokia N97 and its wide screen aspect.
6) Al and I discuss Andrew Currie’s trip to Asia. Was it an Andrew Currie trip or a super-subtle Nokia campaign?
7) Then Al talks about the Bangkok Skytrain car that was a Nokia N97 mini branded train car. I ask if mobile phones are subsidized in Thailand, Al thinks they are. The data is super cheap in Thailand.
8) Sorry the sound is bad here, as we were at a round table and the other Tuttle club folks were talking too.
9) Jeb, Al and I discuss the 850 wireless bandwidth.
10) Al bought the Nokia 5530 for his dad when he returned from Thailand. Al likes how the UI is organized, he thinks it is better than the N97. The Nokia 5530 has no 3G and no GPS, but he thinks it is a great gift phone and it is cheap on
11) Then I interview Julie Garcia (@julesschroom) about her iPhone and why she likes it – Super User Friendly. She mostly uses it to take photos of her pets and the cats up for adoption. What would she like to see Apple add: a flash and better resolution for the camera. She likes how easy it is to share photos from the iPhone.
12) Drum roll, please… The Nokia N900. Al fondles happily. We talk about the N900 screen compared to the N800.
13) Ms. Jen then gushes about how much she loves the web browser and its great javascript/AJAX rendering. Continues to gush about the Nokia N900 has a great moblogging device.
14) Ms. Jen then gushes about the Maemo community, Python on the N900, and developing mobile apps in Python.
15) Ms. Jen further gushes about the N900 as the Creator’s phone – the true successor the N95 for artists and photographers and bloggers. Very excited.
16) Al then takes the N900 back to fondle it more. Then Ms. Jen and Al attempt to figure out how to do macro video with the N900. Al is able to get the N900 to focus on the keyboard within a couple of inches, the N97 is not able to focus so close in video more. Al and Jen wishes the N900 had touch screen focus.
17) Al is pretty impressed but due to being stuck in a contract with AT&T he may have to wait for the next iteration of the N9xx line. All likes the keyboard, very good product.
18) Al and Ms. Jen both prefer the hinge on the N97 and the angle of the screen of the n97 to the N900.
19) Al, Jen, and I talk about the physical interactions of the N900.
20) Jeb thinks the N900 is fantastic.
21) In closing, we talk about how it is hard to go back to a non-touch screen mobile after using a good touch screen.
Basically, the N900 rocks. And the N97 is not a good video capture camera for Tuttle Club, I will take my N95 next time to record video as I am not happy with the quality of the sound on the N97.