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Wee Willy Hanen

Christmas Eve 2004 - Grandpa Bill and Cam

Photo of Bill and Cam Hanen taken by Ms. Jen on Dec. 24, 2004, with her Nokia 7610.

Today as I got out of my sister’s car at LAX to go to Lauren & Dave’s wedding, my Dad texted me that my Grandpa Bill had passed away around noon. My Dad’s text said he would call later.
I checked my baggage in, went down to the gate, looked out the window and cried a bit. Instead of doing the Carl Zeiss mobile application write up that I was planning on writing on the plane, I instead spent my time looking for photos of my Grandpa Hanen on my computer and researching the pilots who flew the Hump during WWII so that I can do a nice blog post on Grandpa Bill.
I will be doing a full post on Grandpa Bill and his WWII pilot experiences when I get a few photos from my Dad and a bit more information on which division he was in (I think it was Div 10 in Assam, India). In his later years, his years in India flying C-46 cargo planes were remembered as the best and most challenging years of his life.
My Grandpa Bill met and married my Grandma in the few months before departing for India in 1942, my Dad was conceived, off Grandpa went to fly the resupply China mission for the duration of the war, and Grandma lived in Iowa with her family.
My favorite photo from this era was my Grandpa, at the barracks in India, in his flight uniform holding a bottle of champagne in one hand and the telegram announcing my Dad’s birth. He looked so happy.
Photo and full story coming soon.
Rest In Peace, Captain William J. Hanen: April 17, 1918 – November 12, 2009


LAX from the view of seat 8A SEA from the view of seat 8A
Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Thurs 11.12.09 – Off to be a bridesmaid in the Sheasaacson Wedding. The hash tag for Twitter is #sheasaacson or thereabouts.

The Oh So Frighteningly Suckage of the Quicksand of an Internet Blackhole

Oh The Glorious or Infamous Internet Black Holes, we have all fallen down one. If you are lucky they only last for 15 – 30 minutes, if you are unlucky or lucky depending on the situation, one can get sucked in for HOURS.
The problem with the internet (or InnerToobz) is that one can start in one place, legitimately, and click on a link or get curious about something mentioned on the original page and then, and then, And Then, AND THEN…. One is many, many, many clicks away from the place you started.
One can see an internet black hole as a voyage of discovery, or surfing the waves of curiosity, or just plain fallen down a hole that not even Alice could have fallen down.
Now, I try to limit my internet black holes to the evening after I have finished work. And I love a good Internet Black Hole*******.
Tonight’s Black Hole started by my daily reading of my friends who are participating in NaBloPoMo or NaVloPoMo:


From the Floor: Grace and Magnus

Grace and Magnus

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Tues 11.10.09 – I was playing round with the Night Mode on the Nokia N97’s camera to see under what light conditions could I get a bit of blurred movement. While I could have used Auto setting with the flash off and gotten a crisp, sharp image of Grace and Magnus in the bright light of Tammy & Ryan’s kitchen, I purposely set the N97’s camera to Night to see if I could get a bit of doubling or blur.
I am happy with the way this photo turned out.

Lauren and Her iPhone

Lauren over at The Adnostic is currently blogging unofficially for NaBloPoMo this month. Her last few posts have been on how she is using her iPhone, or more specifically how her iPhone is her wedding planner and organizer.
From HiTech Wedding Planning:

“I’m getting married next week. Holy crap I’m getting married next week! Calm down. It’s okay. Everything is in order thanks to a my iPhone.
I was flipping through a Real Simple Weddings magazine and I found their version of the to-do list. It was three pages long, in a small font. THREE pages! That’s insane. It’s just a freaking party with some paperwork people. There’s no need to overdo it.
I didn’t get any issues of Modern Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, or any of any of the other typical wedding magazines. I did get two wedding books, but I only read one of them once and was done. I never opened either of them again. Primarily, I used the internet and my iPhone.
Early on in the planning stages, I found the iWedding iPhone app and relied it almost entirely for the timeline of to-do’s and storing all of the budget and vendor contact information. It gave me a good idea of what needs to get done and how many months/weeks/days it needs to get done by.”

I like that Lauren is giving us a breakdown of how she is using the apps and how it has both influenced her planning and allowed her to take charge of her own wedding planning. Lauren is the Queen of Planning, so I expected her to not be overwhelmed by the planning of a wedding, but it is also very cool to see how she is taking her natural talent for planning and organizing and refining it with the use of her mobile phone.
Also: Apps I Like – iFitness.

I Miss My Nokia, Or Why Nokia Should Have a Finance Plan in the US

I Miss My Nokia

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Lauren and Dave are getting married on Saturady in Seattle and I am a bridesmaid. This afternoon I drove up to Glendale to meet up with Felicity Lao and Kim Ray for a trial wedding day makeup run.
As Felicity was putting makeup on Kim, I was taking photos with the Nokia N97 that I am currently trialing and Felicity – a current iPhone owner – said, “I miss my Nokia.” I handed her the N97 and she tested out the touchscreen and qwerty keyboard and again announced that she missed having a Nokia phone.
Kim asked about the camera and said she wanted a phone with a better camera. Felicity then said she didn’t like the camera on the iPhone. Then both of them asked me how much the Nokia N97 cost, when I told them $500 they both blanched. Kim then asked which wireless carrier had it for less, I said none in the US.
Both Felicity and Kim were sad that such a nice touchscreen cameraphone was not to be had in the US for under $200. Over the course of the conversation, it became obvious that both of them had been starter Nokia owners in the past but had moved on to other smartphones with their carriers and were unhappy with the phones that they had, mostly due to poor build quality and lack of high quality camera, but were unwilling to spend more than $200 on a mobile phone.
After thinking about it, I realized that if Nokia and the various US mobile carriers/operators can’t come to agreements to have good high end Nokias available to folks in the US for a decent subsidized price, then maybe Nokia should take a cue from the Apple online store and sell unlocked Nokia phones for either the straight up price or for a small price per month for 24 months.
If Kim and Felicity are both willing to pay AT&T $200 for the iphone plus >$80 a month for the rate plan, then why should they not pay Nokia $28 a month for the Nokia N97 or N97 mini or N86 or N79 and then get a sim chip / rate plan from whoever they want?
If Nokia charge $28 a month for 24 months and showed it as prominent option next to the phone on their website and advertise their finance plans, then they would not only sell more phones but provide the perception that their high quality mobiles are also a good value for one’s dollar.