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Ms. Jen’s Life List

For years I have told friends and family that I really want to visit Central Asia, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, and eat Chinese food in Greenland. I didn’t know that this activity was called a ‘Life List’ or a ‘Bucket List’, but I had one in my head and most of it revolves around the intersection of my love for nature/mountains, history, culture, and travel.
Given that it is now meme-able to post your life list on your blog, I thought I would write down the list items that have lived in my head for years and will add to this list as I think of more.
Ms. Jen’s Life List, in no particular order:
1. Travel to Greenland, eat at the Chinese restaurant.
2. Sit under a wild apple tree in bloom on the foothills of the Tien Shan mountains.
3. Go into space.
4. Travel around the world in less than 4 hours, stopping in London, Mumbai, Sydney, Tokyo, and LA.
5. Hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro before the glacier melts.
6. Travel the Silk Road.
7. Visit Tuvalu
8. Visit Tuva and Mongolia, go see some of the Mongolian carved megaliths.
9. Spot a Blackburnian Warbler in the wild.
10. Learn to fly a plane.
11. Learn to fence properly.
12. Spot a Vermillion Flycatcher in the wildFulfilled on March 1, 2009 at Buckskin State Park in Arizona.
13. Live in central London for a couple of years at some point.
14. Live in a loft at some point and actually paint in it.
15. Stay overnight at the Pic du Midi Observatory in th French Pyrénées.
16. Spend a week in a cabin / summer house on a lake in Finland.Fulfilled June 24, 2012 in Finland. While I was not able to find a summer cottage for rent over Midsummer, I did stay for a week in Hervanta near Tampere within 1/2 a mile of three lakes and then for Midsummer weekend I went to Turku and spent Midsummer’s day & evening on the water in the Finnish Archipelago.
17. Visit at least 2 of the Verracos, particularly the Bulls of Guisando.
18. Live in central Helsinki for a couple of months at some point. [Added 06.24.12]
19. Visit the Steilneset Memorial in Vardø, Norway. Bicycle the path along the Arctic Ocean. [Added 08.23.16]

Lauren and Dave :: The Wedding Day

Lauren and her sister Leah before the Makeup & Hair Leah and Allison the Hairdresser Ms. Jen's Hair All Done Up Felicity prepping makeup Gabe Boone the Hot Wedding Photographer Felicity and Allison prepping Lauren Felicity making Lauren up Kimi and Ms. Jen all done up The Groomsmen :: Jeremy, Dave, and Matt :: Brothers Shea Sisters Isaacson :: Leah and Lauren Kimi helping Lauren get her shoes on Lauren, Lovely and Ready for Photos Dave and Lauren greeting each other as the photos start Joe and Fern Isaacson Matt and Deb Leah and Tom Photo Time! Photos :: Standing Waiting Just before the wedding, signing the wedding license Enjoying a bit of quiet before the ceremony Ms. Jen and Jeremy Just after the Wedding Ceremony Reception Time! Matt & Cindy Glenda and Scott Sims Tiffany Fehr, Luke and Marlo Dorny Kimi, Federico, and Yvonne Separated since Elementary School :: Mike and Brian Smooch! Greeting at the Reception: Cindy, Matt, Lauren, Dave, and Luke Lauren and Dave laughing at the Toasts Jeremy and Linda Reception centerpieces

All photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Sat 11.14.09 – Saturday was the big day for Lauren and Dave. It was a long day but a very good day. Lauren, Kimi, and I met Allison the Amazing Hairdresser at the Herban Feast wedding/party venue at 11am and on it went with Felicity Lao doing our makeup, photos mid-afternoon to late afternoon, and then *Magic Time* at 6:30pm, with the Reception all evening long.
Compliments of the antics of the famed and amazing Chris Snook, officiant of the Church of the Latter Day Dude, this wedding was the most fun and humorous that I have ever attended and participated it. The reception was delightful in the mix of good LA area friends in combination with so many lovely web designer friends. Great Party, truly delightful wedding, and a lovely couple.
Congratulations to Lauren and Dave, may your marriage be many times blessed with laughter and love.

Edge. Edgier. Edgiest., Jan Chipchase at The Art Center’s Designmatters Lecture Series

Mon 11.16.09 – Today Erika and I met Thomas at the Art Center’s Auditorium for Jan Chipchase’s new ‘Edge. Edgier. Edgiest.‘ talk for the Designmatters Lecture Series.
I wanted to see Jan Chipcase speak, as I have been reading his blog FuturePerfect ever since various and sundry friends referred to his work and writing in the last four or so years. Much of what he writes about and the photos he posts are fascinating to me as they are about people, culture, technology, and how people interact thereof. As a long time fan of anything Central Asian and former Silk Road territory, I am particularly enthralled by his posts about design research adventures in the ‘stans’. I am very jealous that he was in Kabul a few weeks ago.
Though by his own admission, Chipchase is still working on the material he presented today, it was a good fit for a design college crowd as he covered the his approach to design research, the ethics he applies to field work, how one works under a corporate umbrella, and the pure adventure of it all.
Thomas had to leave the presentation a bit early as he had a class to teach upstairs in room 202, but Erika and I stayed through the Q&A before walking up to Thomas’ class to see the student work that was being critiqued this afternoon. As we came out of the class, both of us opened our mobiles, Erika to text and me to check my email. As we were both engrossed in tiptapping away, Jan Chipchase passed us in the hallway and with a twinkle in his eye quipped as he passed, “Put down your bloody mobiles.”

Coming and Going

Seattle's Sound Transit Tunnel - Light Rail and Bus
Photo by Ms. Jen this morning with a Nokia N97 while waiting in the Pioneer Square Bus/Rail station.

Sun 11.15.09 – Much like the bus and train in the Pioneer Square station of Seattle’s Sound Transit system, I am not sure right now if I am coming or going. I woke up after far too little sleep to return to SoCal and missed having breakfast with the Shea/Isaacson wedding party or with Cindy Li and Matt Harris (they were also flying Virgin America out of Sea-Tac airport) in the effort to barely make my plane home. After much to do and travel, I am now home, my suitcase has remained untouched and I am exhausted (again). Now time for bed.
Love y’all, but I am going to sleep.


Sat 11.14.09 – Today was a long, intense, and wonderful day. Tomorrow I promise to put up a photo essay of the Lauren and Dave wedding when I am on the fight home.
Right now, I am exhausted and have no more words.

Rehearsal Day

Driving in the Seattle Rain to the Rehearsal Kimi, Chris, and Dave Leah and Tom Practicing Joe and Fern Deb, Linda, and Gordon At Lunch: Dave, Linda, and Gordon Cranes, Sunshine, and Clouds Bridal Party Bonding: Pedicures! Bright Sun setting on a Seattle Street Rehearsal Dinner: Liam, Dave, Lauren, and Felicity
Photos by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Friday 11.13.09 – Today was a mix of phone calls to and fro my family and a whole slew of Rehearsal and bridesmaid activities. We kept very busy all day long with the wedding rehearsal in the late morning, lunch at a middle eastern place that was not expecting a large group, bridal party mani-pedi spa afternoon, and then the rehearsal dinner at a chinese restaurant in the International district of Seattle with wind down drinks at the hotel lounge.
Tomorrow is the big day for Dave and Lauren.