Nokia N97 Camera & Video : A Snipet of Royal Crown Revue’s Zip Gun Bop, Or How the N97’s Flash Misbehaves

Wed 11.25.09 – I was attempting to take low light ‘night’ photos with the Nokia N97 on the edge of the dancer’s pit at Royal Crown Revue’s show at The Mint, but the still camera kept using the flash and blurring photos even though I had the camera settings on the ‘Night’ mode with no flash.
As the flash would do its thing, against my will, the photos would have a white out in the left side of the image and the rest of the image would be foggy (example of this here). This was really frustrating.
So, I decided to see if the ‘Night’ mode on the Nokia N97’s video would work better, and it did. After the initial light meter reading, the video’s color and lighting to the room is fairly correct and I am glad that the N97 did record video nicely in the ‘Night’ mode. I am happy with the no flash video capture in terms of light and with the sound quality.
As I have stated a few times the last week or two, the Nokia N97 is much much improved with the Oct. 2009 v.20 firmware update, but there are a few tweaks still to be made to the camera software to make the N97 a real flagship mobile device.
Of which, if the photographer wants the flash to be off and/or use Night mode, please make sure that the mobile’s software knows to tell the flash NOT to flash. And it would be nice if the N97 would be more consistent about focusing on the objects in the middle of the focus square when green rather than some where off in the background.

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