Nokia N900 : The Gold Standard Test

Mundane photo of the Nokia N97 to test the N900's moblogging ability
Photo of a local Nokia N97 as was the closest thing around to take a photo of by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N900.

Fri 11.27.09 – Is the Nokia N900’s native web browswer’s support of javascript and AJAX good enough to blog directly in the mobile browser to my Moveable Type install that uses Better File Uploader? Every other mobile browser, including the iPhone has failed at the first or second screen.
10 minutes later, of course I didn’t read the manual, so after searching on how to zoom out (the volume/photo zoom physical key) and zooming all the way out so the whole page fit in the screen, I was able to go through all four Better Uploader’s AJAX powered screens and upload the photo from the device’s memory to my own server using my own blog with no third party app or server!
The Nokia N900 wins the Moblogging and Best Mobile Browser Gold Medal!!!
(Typing all of this is giving my hands cramps, but YAY!!!!!)
Dear Santa, Please, pretty please, with sugar on top… a Nokia N900 of my own for Christmas…
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