Lauren and Dave :: The Wedding Day

Lauren and her sister Leah before the Makeup & Hair Leah and Allison the Hairdresser Ms. Jen's Hair All Done Up Felicity prepping makeup Gabe Boone the Hot Wedding Photographer Felicity and Allison prepping Lauren Felicity making Lauren up Kimi and Ms. Jen all done up The Groomsmen :: Jeremy, Dave, and Matt :: Brothers Shea Sisters Isaacson :: Leah and Lauren Kimi helping Lauren get her shoes on Lauren, Lovely and Ready for Photos Dave and Lauren greeting each other as the photos start Joe and Fern Isaacson Matt and Deb Leah and Tom Photo Time! Photos :: Standing Waiting Just before the wedding, signing the wedding license Enjoying a bit of quiet before the ceremony Ms. Jen and Jeremy Just after the Wedding Ceremony Reception Time! Matt & Cindy Glenda and Scott Sims Tiffany Fehr, Luke and Marlo Dorny Kimi, Federico, and Yvonne Separated since Elementary School :: Mike and Brian Smooch! Greeting at the Reception: Cindy, Matt, Lauren, Dave, and Luke Lauren and Dave laughing at the Toasts Jeremy and Linda Reception centerpieces

All photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Sat 11.14.09 – Saturday was the big day for Lauren and Dave. It was a long day but a very good day. Lauren, Kimi, and I met Allison the Amazing Hairdresser at the Herban Feast wedding/party venue at 11am and on it went with Felicity Lao doing our makeup, photos mid-afternoon to late afternoon, and then *Magic Time* at 6:30pm, with the Reception all evening long.
Compliments of the antics of the famed and amazing Chris Snook, officiant of the Church of the Latter Day Dude, this wedding was the most fun and humorous that I have ever attended and participated it. The reception was delightful in the mix of good LA area friends in combination with so many lovely web designer friends. Great Party, truly delightful wedding, and a lovely couple.
Congratulations to Lauren and Dave, may your marriage be many times blessed with laughter and love.

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