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Falling Down

Sun 11.22.09 – I am falling down on my own self-imposed NaBloPoMo challenge of just not posting every day, but posting words/text every day for the month of November. Yesterday, I just posted a photo, and no real text.
Julie Wanda and I went to Kay’s 50th birthday party last night at the Puka Bar and by the time I got home, I was out of words. Today, Scruffy and I went to Dog Beach, the farmer’s market, plus other errands and the like to ready up for the work week, and now I am out of words.
The reality is that what is going through my head right now in terms of words is personal processing of family, life, holidays, Grandpa, Grandma, etc etc etc. I have thoughts on the Zeiss app and other mobile related bits but the words that I can write about are escaping me as I attempt to type.
I promise that I will tomorrow wrangle up some thoughts to write some more words for you that aren’t meta-words about writing words.