Edge. Edgier. Edgiest., Jan Chipchase at The Art Center’s Designmatters Lecture Series

Mon 11.16.09 – Today Erika and I met Thomas at the Art Center’s Auditorium for Jan Chipchase’s new ‘Edge. Edgier. Edgiest.‘ talk for the Designmatters Lecture Series.
I wanted to see Jan Chipcase speak, as I have been reading his blog FuturePerfect ever since various and sundry friends referred to his work and writing in the last four or so years. Much of what he writes about and the photos he posts are fascinating to me as they are about people, culture, technology, and how people interact thereof. As a long time fan of anything Central Asian and former Silk Road territory, I am particularly enthralled by his posts about design research adventures in the ‘stans’. I am very jealous that he was in Kabul a few weeks ago.
Though by his own admission, Chipchase is still working on the material he presented today, it was a good fit for a design college crowd as he covered the his approach to design research, the ethics he applies to field work, how one works under a corporate umbrella, and the pure adventure of it all.
Thomas had to leave the presentation a bit early as he had a class to teach upstairs in room 202, but Erika and I stayed through the Q&A before walking up to Thomas’ class to see the student work that was being critiqued this afternoon. As we came out of the class, both of us opened our mobiles, Erika to text and me to check my email. As we were both engrossed in tiptapping away, Jan Chipchase passed us in the hallway and with a twinkle in his eye quipped as he passed, “Put down your bloody mobiles.”