Reputation Online

A few weeks ago when I was in London, Vikki Chowney invited me to the Adams Street Members club for the launch of a new blog that she was involved with called Reputation Online.
I went along to the party to support Vikki and to see what the new venture was, curiosity frequently titillates this cat, but ended up being more than pleasantly surprised by the idea, conception, and execution of Reputation Online.
On my last Sunday in London, Vikki interviewed me for my opinions on how reputation, promotion, and PR differed between Los Angeles and London. As someone who has deep roots in the Los Angeles music scene and a decade plus of online content publishing, I have opinions on such things.
I think that folks wanting to conduct a good online campaign or who want increase their online reputation should take more than a few hints from the many and varied ways that folks conduct DIY music PR and promotion campaigns as much of ideas and techniques are transferable. Some of best PR and Internet Marketing folk I know are the ones who have come out of Indie and DIY music worlds, not the folks with bachelor’s degrees in Communication who have worked in corporate PR.
After spending time on the Reputation Online site, I applaud what Vikki and her team are up to and accomplishing. I love the dual OurViews (on the left) and YourViews (on the right), in which one can read the Reputation Online team’s interviews and analyses and then you can click on the “Contribute” menu item and write you own analysis or post on reputation, new media, et al.
The best part is that Reputation Online is not just for public relations professionals but for anyone, be they individual or company, who is interested in managing or growing their online reputation and presence.
Ms. Chowney and the folks at New Age Media, Bravo!