Conversation with Al, Jeb, & Ms. Jen #2 – On the Nokia N86 & N900 amongst other bits

Fri. 10.09.09 – Here is the second in what appears to be an ongoing series of conversations with Al Pavangkanan and Jeb Brilliant, while we are at the Tuttle Club LA (really Long Beach) because I get curious and feel the need to ask Al and Jeb lots of questions with the video capture running. Lucky for me they are gracious, opinionated, and funny.
Wherein we discuss:
1. The Nokia N86
2. Why white mobile devices are Sexy.
3. The Nokia N900 and the Nokia Booklet
4. Laughter
5. Software licenses: should they be attached to one phone IMEI, one sim chip, or one email?
6. Joikuspot & Mifi
7. Back to the Nokia N900: mobile devices that are stand alone and don’t need a PC, particularly a PC, to sync. Plus rant from Jeb and Ms. Jen about PCs. Then a rant by Ms. Jen about bad marketing & copywriting.

One thought on “Conversation with Al, Jeb, & Ms. Jen #2 – On the Nokia N86 & N900 amongst other bits

  1. Anything digital: for archival, keep copies in two or more different hardrives, upload all to the cloud, that way I keep apps in my Omnia i910 to a minimum. Through Opera, Skyfire and IE, I use Yahoo Bookmarks to get to the frequently used: web emails that filters to send me a text if it’s from important contacts- Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Hushmail; Facebook; Twitter; Yahoo Calendar, Google- Reader, Voice, Docs, Picasa Web Album (upload pix using IE!). The only apps I have on my phone are Google Maps, Qik and Microsoft MyPhone. I can only really download videos and convert to mp3 using Real on my desktop or netbook, so then I send them to the i910 using MyPhone.

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