Ovi Developer Day

Nokia's Martin Ramsin presenting at Ovi Developer Day
Photo by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95.

Thurs 09.24.09 – Martin Ramsin presenting the Ovi SDK to the folks at the Ovi Developer event in London.
The new Ovi SDK Beta utilizes the new Ovi API and javascript, which makes it a good place for web designers and developers start to on creating mobile apps.
While the Ovi Dev day got off to a bit of a rough start before lunch with a small conceptual conflict between the verbal democracy of the dev crowd vs. the business-styled approach to presenting topics that Nokia folks are so fond of.
After lunch things got back on track when the presenters spoke of more concrete and relevant topics such as the Calling All Innovators UK, an open panel with last year’s winners, and Martin presenting on the release of the OVI SDK.
I had a very good conversation after wards with Nokia Forum’s Jouni Toijala about how to get more web designers and developers involved in mobile application development.