London Day 2 : Donna and Katie

London Day 2 : Donna and Katie
Walking Through Chinatown Apricot Tree in London New Buildings and Crane

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95.

Wed 09.23.09 – This morning, I woke up refreshed and not jet lagged at all after a good night’s sleep. My first full day in London, started by meeting up with Steve Marshall and a group of Yahoo! web devs for a dim sum lunch at the Jade Garden on Wardour St. in Chinatown.
After a delicious and delightful lunch with the gentlemen, I ambled up the street to the 1000 Heads office to meet up with Donna and Katie. We walked down to Covent Garden for tea and a good chat. The best part about the walk back to Holburn was the apricot tree I spotted on a street corner near Neal’s Yard! Donna and Katie had to return to work and off I went down Oxford Street.
This evening I treated myself to dinner at my favorite local restaurant, Taverna Aphrodite on Heresford St. in Bayswater. Delicious. Now I am finishing up a wee bit of blogging before turning in for the evening.