Can the N900 Handle Movable Type’s AJAX?

[Update a few hours later from a laptop: No, it crashed. The pre-release demo that was available for Ovi Dev event attendees to try out was half charged, the Vodafone connection was poor, and when I went to save this entry after writing the above title using the N900’s web browser, the whole device crashed and had to be rebooted. After that I could not get it to browse at all. Please remember that the N900 has not been released yet.
p.s. What I was trying to get the N900 to do was to go on the full, non-mobile, version of my blog’s Movable Type install and use Better File Uploader to upload a photo and blog it here straight up, not using any other app or service. To date, I have not been able to get a Nokia, or iPhone, or Android phone to correctly render and upload a photo using BFU’s lightbox upload. The first mobile browser to render the AJAX correctly wins in my book.]

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