The Nokia N97 : A Conversation with Jeb and Al

Conversation about the Nokia N97 at Tuttle Club LA from Ms. Jen was filmed/captured with Ms. Jen’s Nokia N95 camera phone.

Fri 07.31.09 – While at Tuttle Club LA, I (Ms. Jen) interviewed Jeb Brilliant ( and Al Pavangkanan ( on what they both thought of the new Nokia N97 flagship touchscreen smart phone.
Al was an early adopter and pre-ordered his Nokia N97, both Ms. Jen & Jeb Brilliant recently participated in a three week trial with a Nokia N97 from WOM World.
I think the big question in all of our minds is and discussed in this video – What is the Future of the Nokia N97? Given that Nokia has released a ‘flagship’ device that much of the firmware and software is in transition, should the Nokia N97 have been released at the end of June, or should Nokia have waited a couple of more months and released the N97 when it was more “ready”? Will the Nokia N97 be the phone that we hope it will be in a few months?