Tidbits :: Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adam Greenfield On systems, and what they do: “So from here [Helsinki], it would be easy to dismiss the “debate” on public healthcare unfolding in the United States right now as comedy in the
worst possible taste: the bad-faith flailing of an essentially unserious society, the civilizational equivalent of a Pauly Shore movie.
What serious polity – let alone would-be contender in the cutthroat
global market American policy has been so strongly dedicated to the
creation of over the last sixty years – would want to deny its citizens
and native industries every possible advantage? What kind of patriot
could possibly rest content with the notion that the poorest national
of, say, Trinidad and Tobago has better healthcare options than most Americans?”
“I began to wonder if iPhone ownership wasn’t like marriage in the ’50s,
everybody pretending they’re happy with their spouses but secretly,
behind closed doors, feeling awful and taking pills in the basement.”  Amanda Fortini, My evil iPhone, Salon.com