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The Nokia N97 : A Conversation with Jeb and Al

Conversation about the Nokia N97 at Tuttle Club LA from Ms. Jen was filmed/captured with Ms. Jen’s Nokia N95 camera phone.

Fri 07.31.09 – While at Tuttle Club LA, I (Ms. Jen) interviewed Jeb Brilliant ( and Al Pavangkanan ( on what they both thought of the new Nokia N97 flagship touchscreen smart phone.
Al was an early adopter and pre-ordered his Nokia N97, both Ms. Jen & Jeb Brilliant recently participated in a three week trial with a Nokia N97 from WOM World.
I think the big question in all of our minds is and discussed in this video – What is the Future of the Nokia N97? Given that Nokia has released a ‘flagship’ device that much of the firmware and software is in transition, should the Nokia N97 have been released at the end of June, or should Nokia have waited a couple of more months and released the N97 when it was more “ready”? Will the Nokia N97 be the phone that we hope it will be in a few months?


Preview of ‘S.O.S./ Sleeping on Snow’ at The Bonaventure Art Night

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95.

Sat 08.01.09 – Tanya and Paul Bonaventure held a lovely Art Night at their house this evening with paintings, photography, sculpture, dance, poetry and song all performed or executed by attendees of the party.
One of the most delightful part is when Deborah Rosen (choreographer), Laine Proctor (singer/spoken word), and three dancers did a preview piece of the show that they will be performing at the end of the month. They performed the preview in Tanya and Paul’s driveway after 9pm on a warm evening, which was very appropriate to the song/dance/music. It was very lovely and I am looking forward to seeing the whole of ‘Say The Body is Like This Lamp’ and ‘S.O.S./ Sleeping on Snow’ on August 21st & 22nd.
Information on the Dance:
‘Say The Body is Like This Lamp’ | ‘S.O.S./ Sleeping on Snow’
Dances by Alyson Boell and Deborah Rosen
August 21 & 22, 2009
at the Diavolo Theatre
616 Moulton Street, Los Angeles
Tickets:Brown Paper Tickets or 800-838-3006