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NaBloPoMo : Tomorrow

If you were wondering why the all the Future or upcoming events style posts here on Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen for the last few days, well I am participating in NaBloPoMo’s August “Tomorrow” challenge, which one is allowed to interpret as any future related thing/idea.
Expect more future oriented posts as the month wends on… You can laugh if I prove to be a poor futurist.

The Future of Mobile Phone Photography: Mobile Devices that Converge on Compact Digital Cameras

Samsung’s Pixon series of camera phones is moving rapidly towards the future of mobile phones, and not because of their addition of 8 and 12 megapixel sensors, but because of the whole package of a device that adds the features of a phone with mobile internet, email, touchscreen, a physical zoom on the camera, and a camera that is the most like a compact digital camera of any camera phone to date.
What I am most impressed by is that Samsung is not resting on their laurels of 5 megapixel phones but pushing the cameras on the Pixon towards the point where the device is a competitive compact digital camera with a phone & internet connection & touchscreen user interaction. The Samsung Pixon 12 has a physical zoom, a Xenon flash, a 12 megapixel sensor, a range of ISO, touchscreen ‘manual’ focus, and a range of programmed modes, as well as user programmed modes. The Samsung Pixon 12 M8910 is a digital camera and a phone that I am would be more than willing to pay $600 for unlocked.
Elgar at gives a very thorough review of the Samsung Pixon 12 Megapixel camera phone. Go read his review and see the comparison photos.
On a note to end the day, as far as Ghosts of Gothic Past go, Matt Edgar whimisically blogs on the comparison between Mobile usage and Victorian Gothic tenants as espoused by John Ruskin: Mobile Gothic: a flight of fancy.

Mobile: Just a Few Tomorrows Away…

The most exciting news for the day is that Android is stepping up the mobile game with the addition of 1 gig CPU speeds coming soon, which means that Nokia can’t continue to claim that 434 mhz is good enough for the flagship Nokia N97.
Nokia it is time to step up your game, both in CPU/RAM speeds and in terms of the camera on your devices. The other manufacturers are gaining both in terms of handsets & brand/market share.
By cameras, I was quite disappointed to read in two separate spaces that Nokia does not intend on engaging and competing in the compact digital camera space, but intends on keeping somewhat on top of the camera phone game. Only flaw in this plan is that Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, and others are starting to converge on the compact digital camera with a sim chip & data connection space.
In my opinion as a photographer and a person who buys & recommends camera phones to others, it behooves Nokia and others to work towards making a camera phone that can completely replace a compact digital camera in terms of optics (physical zoom), flash, sensor, and software. I and most other folks don’t want to carry 2 or 3 devices, but one.
If Samsung & Sony are doing it, Nokia can to and do it better if they put a bit of will behind the effort.