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Carl Zeiss Lens Factory Tour, Part II : My Nokia N86 Photos

Oliver Schindlebeck displaying a "Sugar Cube" - A Carl Zeiss Camera Phone Lens that is used in Nokia
Mr. Helmut Heier describing what we will see on the Carl Zeiss Lens Factory Tour Looking up to the Carl Zeiss HQ in Aalen, Germany Walking at the Carl Zeiss HQ in Aalen, Germany Cinema Lens Production Displaying how the sides of the lenses are painted to reduce reflection Anssi and a cine lens 35 mm Zeiss Cine Lens and a Carl Zeiss lens on a Hassleblad Camera Close-up of the Zeiss Camera Phone lens Stefanos tries the Zeiss Cinemizer glasses Cross section of a Carl Zeiss Distagon Film SLR Camera Lens
Photos taken on June 22, 2009 at Carl Zeiss AG by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86.

The above photo essay is the last bits of Carl Zeiss Lens Factory content I wanted to post, as my videos that I took were not up to scratch. No worries, as every time I go back through my photos, I have more questions that I need to research about Zeiss that leads me deeper into Camera Lens Lust (or Lens Envy).
I would love to get a Distagon lens for my Nikon FM3a film SLF and it looks like Zeiss is working on some nice lenses for the Nikon F mount, which would work both on my SLR and the borrowed Nikon D70s from Thomas. Lens drool.
Best of all, today’s find on the Zeiss website was the ‘Camera Lens News‘, a set of articles on lenses and photography. I subscribed.
And the above photo of Stefanos wearing the Cinemizer glasses gave me a good giggle again. All the virtual reality style headsets always make me have a bit of a giggle. While I did not put them on to watch a video from a Nokia Nseries device, the others reported that it was a good to great video experience.
I will now return to drooling over a dream Distagon. ;o)
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The Evolution of Blogging and Nokia Foray into Mobile Services : Articles to Read This Weekend

Om Malik in yesterday’s post, The Evolution of Blogging, concludes with the argument that those of us who are lifestreaming on our blogs rather than Facebook, because we want to be our own ‘digital repository’ or as I have called it the last few years “Own Your Own Stuff”, will need to have our blogging software evolve to handle more real-time streaming.

“Millions of Facebook users will have no reason to use any other service for the foreseeable future. And even when they decide to leave, they’ll realize they can’t, for they’ll have stored their photos and videos into the service, which has no visible way of exporting such data. It’s the ultimate lock-in: control consumers’ data and you control everything.
For others — whom I would loosely define as “power users” — today’s blogging software and services are the best option for becoming a repository of our digital creations, because they are more open, more extensible and at the end of the day, give us more control “

Malik mentions Posterous, Tumblr, and WordPress’s P2 theme as blogging platforms that are moving towards evolving blogging, but he does not mention Movable Type’s Motion. As someone who is serious about owning her own digital repository, I haven’t gotten on board with Posterous or Tumblr as they are both hosted and ultimately are yet another space on the web where my stuff gets atomized. I am planning on exploring the possibilities of Movable Type’s Motion soon, when I have some time. ;o)
On another note, Fast Company has a great magazine cover article on Nokia Rocks the World: The Phone King’s Plan to Redefine Its Business, of which they start with a great few paragraphs:

“The gathering in the courtyard dining room at the Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca has the feel of a meeting between the Mafia’s dwindling five families and an emerging Balkan gang looking to join forces. Instead of bookmakers, drug smugglers, and racketeers, the endangered species assembled are music executives from the industry’s remaining major labels, including Warner and Universal Music, and an agent from the Beatles’ Apple Corps.
Despite the general tension typical of an industry in free fall, there is a reunion vibe and everyone greets one another warmly over cocktails, throwing out a bit of cocksure swagger to project the notion that they can still deliver a hit. Still, nobody in attendance would deny that the days of record companies making a killing in the music industry are over.
The hosts for the evening are Nokia’s 43-year-old executive vice president of entertainment and communities, Tero Ojanperä, and Eurythmics founder and Nokia consultant, Dave Stewart. The two make for an odd pairing: Stewart with his quintessential British rock-‘n’-roll-ness and Ojanperä with his Finnish-savant electrical-engineer-ness. But tuning in closely to Ojanperä’s precise, inflected words, it’s hard to elude his magnetism, a cross between Andy Warhol mystic and James Bond villain.”

The article both gives a good overview of Nokia’s efforts to both woo the music industry and their recent forays into applications and services, as well as giving a few fun tweaks at the “Finnish-savant electrical-engineer-ness” meets “Baltic Mafia”. Blessings on the Finns, I <3 the lot of them!

Tidbits :: Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mark Cuban on The Most Patriot Thing You Can Do : “Bust your ass and get rich. Make a boatload of money. Pay your taxes. Lots of taxes. Hire
people. Train people. Pay people. Spend money on rent, equipment,
services. Pay more taxes. When you make a shitload of money. Do something positive with it. If you are smart enough to make it, you will be smart enough to know where
to put it to work.”