Carl Zeiss Lens Factory Tour, Part II : My Nokia N86 Photos

Oliver Schindlebeck displaying a "Sugar Cube" - A Carl Zeiss Camera Phone Lens that is used in Nokia
Mr. Helmut Heier describing what we will see on the Carl Zeiss Lens Factory Tour Looking up to the Carl Zeiss HQ in Aalen, Germany Walking at the Carl Zeiss HQ in Aalen, Germany Cinema Lens Production Displaying how the sides of the lenses are painted to reduce reflection Anssi and a cine lens 35 mm Zeiss Cine Lens and a Carl Zeiss lens on a Hassleblad Camera Close-up of the Zeiss Camera Phone lens Stefanos tries the Zeiss Cinemizer glasses Cross section of a Carl Zeiss Distagon Film SLR Camera Lens
Photos taken on June 22, 2009 at Carl Zeiss AG by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86.

The above photo essay is the last bits of Carl Zeiss Lens Factory content I wanted to post, as my videos that I took were not up to scratch. No worries, as every time I go back through my photos, I have more questions that I need to research about Zeiss that leads me deeper into Camera Lens Lust (or Lens Envy).
I would love to get a Distagon lens for my Nikon FM3a film SLF and it looks like Zeiss is working on some nice lenses for the Nikon F mount, which would work both on my SLR and the borrowed Nikon D70s from Thomas. Lens drool.
Best of all, today’s find on the Zeiss website was the ‘Camera Lens News‘, a set of articles on lenses and photography. I subscribed.
And the above photo of Stefanos wearing the Cinemizer glasses gave me a good giggle again. All the virtual reality style headsets always make me have a bit of a giggle. While I did not put them on to watch a video from a Nokia Nseries device, the others reported that it was a good to great video experience.
I will now return to drooling over a dream Distagon. ;o)
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