A Fun Friday Evening : Gracie’s Three Month Birthday Party

Amelia Grace Callis, aka Gracie, Three Months Old
Ryan Callis Sharon Shubert Jeremy Callis Earl Buck Tammy and Gracie Gracie and Magnolia Yum, Cupcakes! Tammy Callis Sharon and Earl Magnolia and her Camera Dan and Ryan Ryan, Gracie, and Tammy Magnolia and Papa Dan Nana Terri and Gracie Abbey and Terri Scruffy either looking worried or not wanting YET ANOTHER photograph Ryan and Gracie Trust

All photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nikon D70s.

Fri. 08.28.09 – Magnolia, aka Bird, aged 3.8 years old, decided yesterday that she was going to organize her first ever party on the behalf of her sister Grace’s three month birthday party this evening. Magnolia and Tammy made cupcakes, Magnolia & Gracie were all dressed up, and Magnolia passed out Mardi Gras beads and other fun jewellery to all party attendees.
Upon arrival, I ran back to my apartment to get the Nikon D70s that Thomas lent me so that I could take photos. I had a fun time testing the D70s in a high ISO with no flash and a Nikkor 50mm 1.8F portrait lens. I am quite happy with the above photos.
All photos above were batch resized in Fireworks but no other processing as applied.
As a side note, Dan Callis and I are going to take over hosting the bi-month Seal Beach Salon along with poet Chris Davidson.

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