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Tomorrow is Beautiful

The month of August was NaBloPoMo’s Tomorrow month and September will be NaBloPoMo’s Beautiful month.
While I was not so great about about blogging daily about tomorrow or the future, I can post a photo of beauty or write on the beautiful daily for September.
September starts Fire Season, a season of dry, brown land. A season of heat and smog. A season of fire and destruction of the landscape. A season of which beauty can be wrenched from?


If anyone needs a really smart, bright, idea factory of a designer/developer and you have a job open in London or North Europe, please let me know.
Really. I don’t deal with Southern California late summer / early autumn’s well. Too. Damned. Hot.
My ideal temperatures are between -5-15C (25-60F). Please someone help me, I will trade you my spot in all too sunny & hot SoCal for your spot in London or the like.
97F in Tustin on Thursday. 95F at the 405 fwy & Seal Beach Blvd. 88F at the beach near my house. Yesterday and today similar. Also tomorrow.

A Fun Friday Evening : Gracie’s Three Month Birthday Party

Amelia Grace Callis, aka Gracie, Three Months Old
Ryan Callis Sharon Shubert Jeremy Callis Earl Buck Tammy and Gracie Gracie and Magnolia Yum, Cupcakes! Tammy Callis Sharon and Earl Magnolia and her Camera Dan and Ryan Ryan, Gracie, and Tammy Magnolia and Papa Dan Nana Terri and Gracie Abbey and Terri Scruffy either looking worried or not wanting YET ANOTHER photograph Ryan and Gracie Trust

All photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nikon D70s.

Fri. 08.28.09 – Magnolia, aka Bird, aged 3.8 years old, decided yesterday that she was going to organize her first ever party on the behalf of her sister Grace’s three month birthday party this evening. Magnolia and Tammy made cupcakes, Magnolia & Gracie were all dressed up, and Magnolia passed out Mardi Gras beads and other fun jewellery to all party attendees.
Upon arrival, I ran back to my apartment to get the Nikon D70s that Thomas lent me so that I could take photos. I had a fun time testing the D70s in a high ISO with no flash and a Nikkor 50mm 1.8F portrait lens. I am quite happy with the above photos.
All photos above were batch resized in Fireworks but no other processing as applied.
As a side note, Dan Callis and I are going to take over hosting the bi-month Seal Beach Salon along with poet Chris Davidson.

At the Bonfire

At the Bonfire
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95.

Wed 08.26.09 – A fun summer beach bonfire with the Channel Three folk and friends at Bolsa Chica State Beach.

The Nokia N97 : Photos, A Story, Thoughts, and Asides

This July, I participated in a three week trial of the Nokia N97 that included weekly Tangler chat meetings where we addressed various topic on and about the Nokia N97. During the time with the Nokia N97 trial device, I posted photos to this blog, tweeted about my in the moment rants/raves on the Nokia N97, posted a bit of video, and other wise left other bits of N97 commentary blowing about the winds of the internet.
Here is my official Nokia N97 Review and I am going to divide my review of the Nokia N97 into three parts plus and Aside section:
I. My Favorite Photos I took with the Nokia N97
II. A Real Life Story of the Nokia N97 and the iPhone 3GS, as it Went Down At the South Coast Plaza Apple Store and Who Won
III. The Things I Really like about the Nokia N97 and the Things I Really didn’t like
IV. A Few Asides
Here we go:

I. My Favorite Photos I took with the Nokia N97

Nokia N97 - Erika at the 4th of July BBQ Nokia N97 - Bird and Jeremy at Dog Beach Nokia N97 - Belle sunning herself
Nokia N97 - Palm Trees at sunset Nokia N97 - HappyHappy by Choi Jeong-Hwa At LACMA Nokia N97 - HappyHappy by Choi Jeong-Hwa At LACMA
Nokia N97 - Here We Go! Here We Go! Nokia N97 - Blackberries and 1 Mulberry from my Mom's Garden Nokia N97 - Kayaking at Grant Lake, June Lakes, Calif
All photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97 in July of 2009.

While I did find it awkward to take photos with a device as big as the Nokia N97, as my hands are very small, other than a few issues with clarity and farther than I expected focal range, now looking back at the nearly 400 photos I took in the nearly 3 weeks with the Nokia N97, I really do like most of the non-close up day photos. The Nokia N97 does a fine job as a 5 megapixel camera, as evinced in the photos above.
The above photos, other than being resized, have not been retouched or processed in any way.

II. A Real Life Story of the Nokia N97 and the iPhone 3GS, as it Went Down At the South Coast Plaza Apple Store and Who Won
Last summer, when my sister’s cell phone was 2 years old, my Mom and I discussed the idea of getting her a new one for her birthday. This June I brought up the subject again, as my sister’s mobile was nearing on 3 years old and we decided that we would get her a new mobile phone for her birthday on July 21st.
To be fair, I thought that I should give my sister Allison the option to see, touch, and test/try out as many new mobile phones as possible. My sister’s major usages on her mobile are texting, Gmail, taking photos, and sending her photos Vox blog. With this in mind, I handed her my HTC Magic / Google G2 phone for her to try out the touchscreen only Android phone. She was polite but not very interested.
Then I took her to the South Coast Plaza Apple store mid-July to see what she thought of the new iPhone 3GS. I had the trial Nokia N97 with me as I wanted her to compare both phones side by side.
We tried out the iPhone 3GS with me, bizarrely, acting as the salesperson showing her all the features and pointing out how many considered each feature to be far superior to any other smart phone on the market. All the while, I had the Nokia N97 out and showed Allison how it compared to the iPhone – from the Nokia’s physical qwerty keyboard to the iPhone’s touchscreen, we tested out how each phone’s camera would take the same shot, we tried the internet on both phones, we tried the GPS, etc etc etc.
At one point we had two Apple sales humans watching me with fascinated horror, not saying a word as they stared at the Nokia N97 in my hand and the iPhone in my sister’s hand.
I was actually hoping Allison would choose the iPhone, as it is So Much Cheaper than the N97, but at the end of our 15 minutes of fondling the iPhone at the Apple store, I asked Allison,
“So, honestly, what do you think?”
Allison on the iPhone, “It is too light and plasticky. I don’t like the touchscreen and I don’t like the photos.”
Me, “But what about the User Interface? The flicking bits? All the apps.”
Allison just looked at me and said, “I guess I am a Nokia girl.”
She put the iPhone back on its pad and started to walk out.
This really happened. I did not pitch the Nokia N97 to Allison, if anything I was very indifferent about it, as it is not necessarily the phone I would choose.
My sister is an example of a person who wants a smart phone but doesn’t want an iPhone, hard as it is for many people to believe at least to many of the designers I know. Since she received her Nokia N97 for her birthday, she has been very happy with it. I have asked her several times how it is going and she continues to be very happy.
My sister’s experience is a living example of Rita Khoury’s thesis that the N97 is for the connected user not the power user. My sister loves texting, email and Facebook, as she has FB always on and connected as a widget on her Nokia N97.
But Ms. Jen, you ask, what do you really think of the Nokia N97?