Mobile Camp LA Meets N97 24/7

Checking in at the Mobile Camp
Round Table Discussion: Al, Jonny, and Dan Round Table Discussion: Dan and Roger Round Table Discussion: Howard and Andrew
Round Table Discussion: Andrew and George Round Table Discussion: Matthew Group Shot, missing a few
Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Sat 07.11.09 – Today was an overly packed day with activities that ranged from West LA to Irvine and Westminster. Basically, a lot of driving, but it was well worth it.
I had the opportunity to attend the Mobile Camp LA held by the N97 24/7 challenge folk at UCLA’s Tom Bradley Int’l Hall. I have in the past been a bit fearful of Bar Camps, as what would I talk about? After thinking about it, I don’t find university teaching fearful, but instead a good joyful, challenge. I don’t have fear speaking at a conference where I have been invited, they why the mild trepidation about a Bar Camp?
While I did have some trepidation about the Mobile Camp today, we all ended up sitting around a large round table and discussing / debating a wide range of subjects in and around mobile, the internet, usage, user experience, mobile ideas, applications, etc., rather than having to present a topic or sit nicely while someone else presented on a topic.
The best part was that all people at the table who were actively participating in the discussion. Very much an iron sharpens iron, get your brain nice and tuned up type of afternoon. The Mobile Camp LA was well worth the drive and I am not the person who drove the longest, that goes to @rogerpodacter (twitter) who drove up from Temecula!
All in all, big thanks to all the attendees, their ideas & thoughts, and to Nokia & WOMWorld for hosting the event. It was like a mini Nokia Open Lab in LA.