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The Eve of Lammas Eve

In case you haven’t been following the most uncelebrated, unnoticed holiday in the Western World, this upcoming Saturday will be Llew’s Day or Lammas or Loaf-Mass. If you are old school celto-pagan, then you will be celebrating Llew’s Day/Lughnasadh. If you are Christian of the old school variety or pagan of the new school, then you will be celebrating Lammas – The Harvest of the First Fruits or the First Wheat Harvest – on August 1st or August 7th or sometime between August 3-10th if you are rigorously following the astronomical calendar.
The first of August is one of the Cross-Quarter Days, the most unnoticed one at that, unless you live in Switzerland, then it is a National Holiday. The other Cross-Quarter Days (i.e. half way between a Solstice and an Equinox or vice versa) are Halloween/All Saints Day, Candlemas/St. Bridget’s Day/Groundhog’s Day, and May Day/Walpurgis Night. For whatever reason, we don’t give the same sort of secular-Hallmark-Holiday-love to old Lugh.
Poor old Lugh, you get associated with the Sun God & the First Fruits and everyone in the modern world forgets you because they are on holiday in the sun and the peaches & grapes come year-around at the supermarket and quite a bit of wheat is now grown in the winter.
Even if you won’t be celebrating the first fruits or the high sun or astronomical high summer, we here at Black Phoebe will be. Starting with a Peach Jam-a-thon to preserve the First Fruits of the Helms Ave. Peach tree, to Tammy Callis’ 30th Birthday on the 1st, to me committing to daily blog about Tomorrow/Future for for the whole month of August.

Local Places I Like: Wellsprings

A few months ago, I was talking to Nicole at Salon Pop about the recession and I asked her what she thought we should be doing.
“Frequent local businesses,” was Nicole’s reply. And she is right. So, in the spirit of supporting local small businesses, I am going to start an occasional series here called “Local Places I Like”. This will be my opinion about places I frequent. This series will not be supported nor will I receive free goods and services to write about local places, but merely me talking about local businesses I like.
As I have written about before, I have a migraine problem. They are usually triggered by mistaken ingestion of food I am allergic to, or sleeping on my neck wrong, or by fluorescent lights, or a combo thereof. Usually when I migraine arrives, I write a tweet to the effect of “Le Sigh,” take some of migraine meds, put myself to bed with my eye mask on and pray that I am not still there two days later.
A few times, after the migraine is over and when my neck/back has seized up, I go and get a massage at Wellsprings to help release the tension and not have a repeat migraine. This usually is a great help.
Last Friday, while at Dog Beach watching the Big Waves, I noticed that my neck was stiff and not really turning well. When I turned it too fast, I would get a shooting headache pain. Oh oh.
I woke up on Saturday morning with the “Oh, shit, not again” feeling as my neck was in a lot of pain, I had a burning sensation on the right side of my throat, and the right side of my face was in pain. I made it to about noon and it became obvious that I really needed to put my self to bed with my eye mask and meds, when my Mom suggested that I go get a massage at my massage place. I didn’t think I could get in so fast on a Saturday, but called at my Mom’s urging.
Wellsprings was able to fit me in at 2:30pm that day with massage therapist, Sheila Laughlin. What a blessing. Sheila asked some really good questions before she started and I honestly told her that I was trying to fend off the onset of a full migraine due to neck and back stiffness. She did a miracle modified Swedish massage on my face, head, neck and back that loosed up my muscles. By the time I left an hour later, I felt about half way better with much looser muscles, within another hour all the migraine onset pain was gone and I felt almost all the way better.
Big thanks to Sheila and Wellsprings!
550 Pacific Coast Hwy # 207,
Seal Beach, CA‎90740