The Video in Which I Demo & Explain Google Wave to the Tuttle Club LA Folk

Fri 06.05.09 – At Tuttle Club LA (really LB) this morning, I demo’d the Google Wave Sandbox to those assembled. Vaughan Risher video’d my demo/spiel. Ernie Hsiung and Kyle Ford were kind enough to be logged into the Wave Sandbox and participate in the three of us producing a Wave to demo to the Tuttle folk. It was fun.
Vaughan wrote the following to accompany the video on Vimeo:

“Jenifer Hanen (@msjen) got to go to the Google IO conference this week! She showed us Google Wave up close and personal. I was literally 2 feet away from a computer that was actually connected to it. Crazy.
People you see in the video – Jenifer Hanen, Jeb Brilliant, Al Pavangkanan, and myself. You’ll also hear the indomitable Geoff Hickman’s voice in the background.”

The best part is the preview has me in classic family photography mode – eyes closed. ;o)