The Next Two Weeks: San Francisco, Germany, and London

The next two weeks are going to be very busy with me flitting here there and everywhere for (mostly) business purposes.
On Sunday, I will drive up to the Bay Area for some Python Rehab. Actually, I am going to some training but it sounds much more fun to say to people that Python and I aren’t speaking right now, due to some tuples, and so I am checking myself into programming rehab. No seriously, I keep getting tuple errors (little ass*s)…
If you live in SF or Oakland or South Bay and want to get together for dinner, I am trying to get folks together either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening in San Francisco proper.
And then sometime, not quite sure when yet, late next week, I will be flying to Germany for a big adventure of which when I have a bit more info, I will blog about. Yes, this another one of the WOM World / Nokia adventures. This one will involve Industrial Design + Manufacturing + Photowalks, which means it will be AWESOME. I love factories, esp. if I can take photos and ask lots of questions.
Rather than flying back to LA after 4 days in Europe, I have requested that I get dropped off in London. I plan to be in London until the 28th of June at the very least and I will be attending Tuttle Club at the ICA on Friday, June 26th. Thus, if you are in London-town from the 25th to the 28th and want to go for a photowalk or to dim sum or to a museum with me, let’s meet up.

2 thoughts on “The Next Two Weeks: San Francisco, Germany, and London

  1. Hi Thej!
    I would love to go to India again! If I do, it will most likely be in the cooler part of the year.
    I had a dream last night that I had to travel to Goa, and in my dream I kept saying – “Not Goa, I want to go to Bangalore & Chennai…” ;o)

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