The Carl Zeiss Factory Tour, Before Departure

Late this afternoon, I will board an airplane at LAX to travel to Stuttgart, Germany, with the eventual destination of arrival in Aalen tomorrow evening. The important detail here is that Aalen is the home of one of the two Carl Zeiss lens factories in the southern part of Germany.
Yes, that Carl Zeiss, the Carl Zeiss of gorgeous Hasselblad lens kits, the Carl Zeiss lenses that photographers drool over for their (D)SLR’s, the Carl Zeiss lens that has been on every Nokia Nseries camera phone since the N90. Yes, that Carl Zeiss lens.
Now I love factory tours. Love ’em.
This love dates back to elementary school when we were taken on a tour of the Laura Scudder’s peanut butter and potato chip factory in Los Angeles. I love the maze of machines, I love the idea of constructing items within this large space and seemingly endless array of processes. I have gone on tours of champagne bottling, plum jam, peanut butter, extra large printing presses, among others.
On Monday, I get to go tour the Carl Zeiss lens factory.
Photography + Great Design + High Tech Factory + Tour = HAPPY!!!
The next equation I will write about in this series on the Carl Zeiss tour, will be what makes a great digital or mobile phone camera:
Lens (optics) + Sensor Chip + Algorithms + Memory