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Testing To See If the Cron Job Runs – And it Did, Finally

Fri 06.12.09 – Will PostOffice for MT post this cron job email now that I have the correct cron job command?
Update: Yes, it did, but not with the cron job command that my server support team said would work, but with the one that Movable Type said would work.
Update at 4:48pm: Sorry, it ran a couple of times too many before I deleted the test email out of the inbox.
For two reasons, email photos to this blog is going to be an imperfect way to moblog:
1) If one does not delete or move the email out of the inbox, after the cron job runs, then the PostOffice plugin will post again the next time the cron job runs – at least when using Gmail.
2) One first has to resize the photo in the phone before emailing, otherwise there will be a large photo – both in pixels and kilobytes – that is posted to the blog.
With the G2 Ion / HTC Magic phone, I downloaded PicSay from the Android Market to do the resizing and emailing all in one go, as the PixelPipe Android app did not send the photo resized.
Given that a super-user/moblog addict like me spent many hours over days to set this up, no wonder why regular folks don’t want to blog from their phones to a blog that lives on one’s own server but prefer instead if they do moblog to a hosted service. gah.
Oh, Lifeblog, Oh Lifeblog, why did Nokia discontinue you? You were such a lovely and perfect moblogging app for Nokia phones…

Testing To See If the Cron Job Runs

Thurs 06.11.09 – Will PostOffice for MT post this cron job email now that I have the correct cron job command?
Update later in the evening: No it did not. The support fellow at my server gave me a new command for the cron job and it did not work, so I just triggered the script via the command line and it did post. Now back to the cron job drawing board.

Testing the Post Office Plugin for Movable Type

Fri 05.29.09 – I have set up the Post Office plugin for Movable Type to see if I can blog from email, if so then the sting out of life after Nokia’s great but now discontinued moblog software – Lifeblog.
Update: Thurs 06.11.09 – Two weeks later, I finally have the Post Office moblog plugin for Movable Type working with tech support from Dan Wolfgang at Uinnovations. Big thanks to Dan for the 4 lines of tweaks to make this work.
Now I just need to get my server to help me on why the cron job is not working, I was able to get these posted by using SSH to trigger the task. Once I can get an hourly cron job working then Post Office will make my moblogging life easier from any camera phone that can email. w00t!

The Next Two Weeks: San Francisco, Germany, and London

The next two weeks are going to be very busy with me flitting here there and everywhere for (mostly) business purposes.
On Sunday, I will drive up to the Bay Area for some Python Rehab. Actually, I am going to some training but it sounds much more fun to say to people that Python and I aren’t speaking right now, due to some tuples, and so I am checking myself into programming rehab. No seriously, I keep getting tuple errors (little ass*s)…
If you live in SF or Oakland or South Bay and want to get together for dinner, I am trying to get folks together either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening in San Francisco proper.
And then sometime, not quite sure when yet, late next week, I will be flying to Germany for a big adventure of which when I have a bit more info, I will blog about. Yes, this another one of the WOM World / Nokia adventures. This one will involve Industrial Design + Manufacturing + Photowalks, which means it will be AWESOME. I love factories, esp. if I can take photos and ask lots of questions.
Rather than flying back to LA after 4 days in Europe, I have requested that I get dropped off in London. I plan to be in London until the 28th of June at the very least and I will be attending Tuttle Club at the ICA on Friday, June 26th. Thus, if you are in London-town from the 25th to the 28th and want to go for a photowalk or to dim sum or to a museum with me, let’s meet up.