Nokia N86 vs. LG Viewty Smart: Or Fun with the Omio Comparison Widget

Ernest over at Darla Mack’s S60 News & Reviews just posted a comparison review of the Nokia N97 vs. LG Viewty Smart: Side By Side Comparison. While Ernest didn’t have both devices in his hands to do a review, he did use the Omio Comparison Widget to create a tech spec side by side comparison.
About halfway through reading the side by side tech spec showdown between the Nokia N97 and the LG Viewty Smart, I thought, “Wait a minute, this should be a comparison between the Nokia N86 and the LG Viewty Smart, not the N97!” I followed the link to Omio’s site and made my own tech spec showdown between the two upcoming 8 megapixel camera phones to be released this summer from Nokia & LG, see below after the jump / below the fold.
Folks, the Omio Comparison Widget is hours of entertainment if you are a deep mobile tech geek who gets off on which specs are better. For me it was minutes of entertainment and I will be waiting to get the camera phones in my hands to take actual photos and see how the mobiles perform under a mobile blogging geo-tagging photowalk photography test.
Although, I will say from the descriptions in the tech specs in the below comparison of the LG Viewty Smart, Well, hello! The LG Viewty Smart will allow for manual focus as well as automatic? Hello! Now we are starting to talk photography!

4 thoughts on “Nokia N86 vs. LG Viewty Smart: Or Fun with the Omio Comparison Widget

  1. Manual focus is pretty cool, a while back now when I (just for the experience) made this piece of advertorial for the LG Renoir & The Telegraph, we did some demos and they came out really well..
    Watch, (and laugh) as much you like 😉

  2. James!
    I only laughed a bit at the end. I think the video was very informative.
    Seriously, now that you have used both the LG Renior and the Nokia N86, which one would you buy and why?
    If LG is getting “manual” focus, from their promo video for the LG Viewty Smart it appears to be you choose with the touchscreen where you want the camera to focus (very clever!), then WHY OH WHY did Nokia not make the N97 8MP and do similar?
    Now that Nokia has discontinued Lifeblog, I am a free agent…
    smiles, jen ;o)

  3. Only chose the N97 as it was a bit more of an all-rounder face off! As a lot of manufacturers (LG and Samsung in particular) have deemed touchscreens the bee’s knees, the N97 might be a bit more fitting.
    Totally agree with you Miss Jen, N97 could have done with touch focus and an 8MP camera.
    As for the N86 8MP, two questions. Why no xenon flash, and WHY NO XENON FLASH! Sorry, my caps lock key is loud.

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