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The nice folks at have opened up the ability for bloggers to add their blog to the Kindle-world. If you are a regular blogger and would like to have the various Kindle reader folk out there to able to download and read your blog on their Kindle’s, then go register at Kindle Publishing.
The nice folk at Six Apart alerted their Twitter followers about the new Kindle Publishing option for bloggers this afternoon:

Our friends at Amazon just launched Kindle Publishing for Blogs — list your blog in the Kindle store:

Why is this exciting to me? Given that I am a big fan of reading, mobile devices and blogs, this is a perfectly easy way to make sure that one’s blog reaches what possibly may be a new audience or at the very least it makes current readers of one’s blog be able to read the blog anywhere on a mobile device at their convenience.
I signed up for Kindle Publishing this afternoon and within 20 minutes I had this blog, Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen, and The Happy Tastebud signed up as Kindle subscriptions. And in another 20 minutes after that, I had the links to the Kindle subscriptions added to both blog’s sidebar Subscribe area right next to the links to Atom and RSS feeds.
It was easy. Amazon did not require anything of me that I had not already had accomplished (description, keywords, screen shot, masthead, etc). I did not have to recode my blog nor did I have to make a device specific app, like many have done for the iPhone, but all I had to do after filling in basic information was to give an RSS or Atom feed to Amazon.
Amazon allows you to see a preview of your content as the Kindle will display it to the reader and it is not optimized for a photoblog or for the design control addicts amongst us, as the photos are very low resolution and in black & white and the typography is serif and fairly large. Also, there is no control over layout. But all of this adds up to an impetuous for me to make sure that my content is compelling regardless of the device or machine that it is viewed on.
Whether anyone actually subscribes to my blog via the Kindle or not really doesn’t matter, what does matter is that Amazon is making a wide variety of publications available to their Kindle readership and Amazon is making it easy for bloggers and other content publishers to distribute their work, which is very exciting for the mobile and handheld device ecosystem.

2 thoughts on “Kindle Publishing

  1. I think that your point that the exciting part to you (and to me!) is that it opens up new ways for people to read blogs. I don’t have a kindle, but I can see how having one would be ideal for blog reading, especially longer-form blog posts and photo blogs. Something about reading The Big Picture from on my iPhone doesn’t seem like it’d be quite as fun. 😀

  2. Hi Ginevra!
    I don’t have a Kindle either, but I think that anyway that I can as a blogger and as a web designer can make my content accessible is good. Last year I made a companion mobile site to this one that publishes to as I publish to this blog and it is friendly to folk who are not coming in on an iPhone browser or OperaMini.
    The big point is regardless of the device that someone is viewing or hearing the content on, I want it to work for the reader and made easy. The Kindle made it easy.
    smiles, jen ;o)

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