Is Having NaBloPoMo Sweet Fail

Notice to all readers: This blog is having May 2009 NaBloPoMo FAIL.
Sorry but it is true.
What in the heck am I supposed to write about sweet that isn’t sticky and slightly silly? I am not a big dessert eater, so I don’t have 31 posts about sugar or honey or agave syrup in me. I can only make so many puns/badbadbadjokes based off the Northeastern US slang “Sweeeeeeet!”, I did it for the first couple of days subtly and felt a bit gross for doing so. Then for a few days, I just posted mobile photos from my camera phone, because I am darned happy to be back on my Nokia N95 that has Nokia’s great but now discontinued mobile blog software, Lifeblog, on it.
After a very long week with lots of out of town visitors, I now sit before my laptop burnt out. Not sleepy but at the very end of my energy reserves.
Yes, Mother’s Day was nice, but yesterday hanging out all day with my Mom, working on my garden, and going to Dog Beach with Mom & Bird & Scruffy & Magnus was better. Tammy is still very pregnant and the baby has not come. I am still overwhelmed with work and will try to get the two big projects wrapped up before departing for Alex & Paige’s wedding in Hawaii next Sunday.
((Is even more burnt out thinking about the next 7 days))
I do have one sweet thing to blog about: The Nokia N79, just sent back to the NYC Nokia folk, really is a sweet little machine.
Other than that, I may not be able to make another 21 days of sweet posts. Gah.