Feed Tinkering

I spent a good chunk of hours today tinkering with and refining the feeds on most of the blogs I author, administrate, and manage.
I had several goals for the altering of the RSS and Atom templates:
1) To make all public facing feeds be excerpted text with a link to continue reading. Why? I really don’t have the time to hunt down the evil sploggers who repost rss and atom feeds as their own with lots of ads help augment their copylifting. Thus, if I set everything to excerpt with a link to the post then if the sploggers reblog the text the link goes to the original post.
2) Per the usual, if you are a regular subscriber and you don’t want to deal with the excerpted feeds, send me an email (blackphoebe@gmail.com), introduce yourself, give me your blog or twitter URL so I can put you in my feed reader, and I will send you the link to the whole post private RSS feed.
3) Also, if you are a private whole feed subscriber and your feed reader is not rendering the images, let me know via email (blackphoebe@gmail.com) what feed reader you are using and I will try and solve the problem for you.
Once again, thanks for reading this blog and viewing the photos. Y’all rock.