A Sunny Sunday Afternoon at Sandra and Justin’s

Scruffy in the shade and Pogo basking in the sun Pogo and Justin Pogo and Sandra
Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95.

Sun 05.31.09 – After three days of “June Gloom” or maritime inversion layer or clouds that have not evaporated by the afternoon, my sister Allison and I decided to see if we could get out of the dreary clouds near the beach and go east to the desert to find sun. We called Sandra and Justin who live in Ontario (Inland Empire) to see if there was sun at their house and there was, albeit hazy, and by the end of the afternoon the haze had shifted to clear sun.
For a spontaneous Sunday afternoon road trip, it was delightful to not only not only be saved from a May-June case of SAD but also hang out for a few hours with Sandra, Justin and Pogo in their backyard soaking up the sun and laughing.