Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N79.

Fri. 04.17.09 – This afternoon, I met up with my mom to go to lunch and to see the Roger Kuntz painting exhibition, Roger Kuntz: The Shadow Between Representation and Abstraction, at the Laguna Art Museum. We had a delightful outdoor garden patio lunch across PCH from the Museum at the Madison Cafe and Gardens before we headed over to the Museum to see the Roger Kuntz show.
Both my mom and I truly enjoyed Kuntz’ Freeway series of paintings from the early 1960s as they had strong light and shadow all the while hovering between Abstract Expressionistic Color Field paintings and Pop Art. We also loved the marvelously impish “surrealistic pop” Blimp series from the early 1970s, I particularly liked the “Lunar Approach” and “Goodyear Hits Target”.
My mom liked Kuntz works so much that she bought the exhibition monograph the Museum bookstore. As a small aside, my Grandma Grace studied painting under Roger Kuntz in the early 1960s, so after we went to the museum, my mom left to directly go over to my Grandma’s to show her the Kuntz book.