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American Christians Approve of Torture?

Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish has been writing on the torture that the Bush administration/regime purposely approved over the last five plus years, today he asks/states given the results of a poll on how do American Christians view torture:

So Christian devotion correlates with approval for absolute evil in America. And people wonder why atheism is gaining in this country. Notice the poll does not even use a euphemism like “coercive interrogation”…But it remains a fact that white evangelicals are the most pro-torture of any grouping. Mainline Protestant groups were the most opposed. A mere 20 percent of non-Hispanic Catholics believe that torture is never justified.

If one is a Christian, one follows Jesus Christ – right? Didn’t Jesus espouse turning the other cheek? The way I read Matthew 5:38-48, is that we are to love our enemies, not torture them.
As a Chrisitan, I ask my fellows and fellowess American Christians – How did you all get so enchanted by Bush-Cheney-Rumsfield that their words mean more to your life & beliefs than Jesus Christ, the God-man you call Messiah? Please do tell…
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