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American Christians Approve of Torture?

Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish has been writing on the torture that the Bush administration/regime purposely approved over the last five plus years, today he asks/states given the results of a poll on how do American Christians view torture:

So Christian devotion correlates with approval for absolute evil in America. And people wonder why atheism is gaining in this country. Notice the poll does not even use a euphemism like “coercive interrogation”…But it remains a fact that white evangelicals are the most pro-torture of any grouping. Mainline Protestant groups were the most opposed. A mere 20 percent of non-Hispanic Catholics believe that torture is never justified.

If one is a Christian, one follows Jesus Christ – right? Didn’t Jesus espouse turning the other cheek? The way I read Matthew 5:38-48, is that we are to love our enemies, not torture them.
As a Chrisitan, I ask my fellows and fellowess American Christians – How did you all get so enchanted by Bush-Cheney-Rumsfield that their words mean more to your life & beliefs than Jesus Christ, the God-man you call Messiah? Please do tell…
Pew – The Religious Dimensions of the Torture Debate
Poll shows support for torture among Southern evangelicals

Aporkalypse Now!

If you are the sort of human who likes to have a really good panic every now and then and / or enjoys conspiracy theories, I would like to give you a good humorous cross section on the Aporkalypse to help trot you out of too much routing around in the slops of the swine flu hysteria [1]:
Apokalypse 2007 – A Flickr Photoset that involves a piglet and a BBQ spit. It does not end well… for the piglet.
Making Light commenter, albatross, makes reference to the Four Hogs of the Aporkalypse.
How to survive the Aporkalypse by Aaron at

Carry a pack of bacon at all times. If someone annoys you simply rub it in their face and watch them freak out.
Start ill-informed superstitions. For example: I heard that, if you wash your genitals in rose-oil after having full-sex with a pig, you won’t catch the flu.

Further Signs of the Aporkalypse (from BoingBoing in 2001! How prescient!)
Last, but not least, The Ham of Darkness, which features a photo of a small blonde child french kissing a pig…
[1] If you think I am not taking swine flu or *gasp* Avian Flu or **GASP**ZOMG**GASP**GASP** SARS seriously enough, I would like to trot out that you are much more likely to expire from an automobile accident, heart attack, stroke, or domestic abuse this year than you are of a fairly rare “epidemic” episode that happens once every few years to less that a couple of tens/hundreds/thousand folks world wide. I would really worry about how your local bus driver drives. The Flu is not even on the list of Causes of Death, but TB is. Have you been tested for TB recently?

Painting the Bird Red

Scruffy watching Tammy Paint Bird Helping Tammy Paint Bird and the Paint Bucket
All Photos by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N79

Mon 04.27.09 – This morning Tammy and Bird were in the alley area of our apartments painting two chairs, given all the small child giggles floating about, I decided that it was time to get the camera phone and go take some photos. From the time I arrived to the time I departed about 20 minutes later, Bird mostly painted herself and not the chair. Much laughter was involved.
Other interesting tidbits from the day:
Spring New Living Room Layout, Part I
Spring New Living Room Layout, Part II

Three Scenes from Today or Happy Blog Birthday

Earl and Dan at the Birthday BBQ Julie Coyote's Fabulous Pink & Blue Combo at Nicole Welke's Art Show Scruffy All Tuckered Out
Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N79.

Sat. 04.25.09 – Happy sixth birthday to this blog, Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen! Or happy blog anniversary! Yay!
It has been a big day with Jesse & Krista Wilder’s baby shower, grocery shopping, the April Birthday Girls BBQ at my place, then to Salon Pop for Nicole Welke’s art show, thus I am – like Scruffy – all tuckered out.

April 24th

Belle, Bored by today's migraine enforced inactivity.
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N79.

Fri 04.24.09 – Happy Birthday to me.
Today I was supposed to go to Disneyland with Julie Wanda but the plan got foiled by a migraine headache that landed me in bed most of the day. I took Maxalt, my migraine meds, in the late morning and by 6pm I could look at light again and walk about a bit, if unsteady. By 8pm, Julie joined me in Seal Beach and we walked down to the Wine Cellar on Main and Electric to salvage the birthday.
It was a delightful evening. I am very happy that we have our own little fun|cool|good wine bar in Seal Beach, even if it is a big overly loud and needs a few more servers on a Friday night. But it was fun and tasty. Now I am ready for bed.
And within an hour or two, Happy 6th Birthday to Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen!