SXSW – Saturday March 14 – Notes from Interactive

Here you go, the first day of Ms. Jen’s panel transcripts:
Sat March 14, 2006 – SXSW Interactive
Austin, TX
11:30am – The Creative Path
Jim Coudal – Coudal Partners
Brendan Dawes – Magnetic North
Gary Hustwit – Filmmaker “Helvetica”, “Objectified”
Objectified premier is at the Paramount at 5pm.
Jim Couldal:
Creative Path: show don’t tell.
Speaking on Joseph Conrad, literary theory, “we are complicit in our own corruption” By the time you have finished the book or movie, the narrative leads you through your own corruption much more powerfully than if Conrad was to write an essay.
Montessori – Teaching kids to learn.
Layer Tennis – Live on Friday afternoons, two artists swap a file back and forth in real time. Continue to add to the file on top each other’s work. Ultimate end is to probably to reduce productivity on Friday afternoon. Restraint and freedom, creativity comes out of the balance between the two. Keep in mind that the act and result of creation is a conversation, not a lecture.
Gary Hustwit – Seventy-five minutes and thrity-six seconds.
I make documentary films, which are linear fixed forms of media. There is no way for the viewer of the film to change the plot line, characters, destination, or duration of the film, unless they get up and leave.
How do you make a fixed documentary film to be interactive?
1. use ellipsis… Intentionally leave out information, that the viewer of the film needs to put in themselves, a moment of discovery is more compelling than if someone tells you what the story is.
What is not there, what is left out. It leave the piece open to interpretation.
Delayed gratification.
2. Make it a game. bring in puzzles.
Dialogue going on between the viewer and the film.
Timing, juxtaposition.
“If all else fails, put a dog in the film.” – Gary Hustwit
Brendan Dawes –
Made a flash video editor in 1998 – Pyscho Studio – See if folks could make their own version of the pyscho shower scene.
The danger is that when you give folks things to play with, you get some weird shit. Then you realize that people are weird.
Human beings versus machines. Computer would plot an efficient line from a to be. Critical Mass by Philip Ball is where he had folks walk across a park, before they put in the paths, to see how humans used the park.
Good design is about taking things away. Gives example of traffic calming in Brighton, by having the sidewalk & street be the same space with no directions & signs -> it makes drivers slow down to 10mph and be much more aware.
Makes sketches, as sketchbooks don’t run out of batteries. – We get complacent with interface, why can’t we create new interface.
“People think these days that if you can’t use an interface in 2 seconds that it is rubbish. That is rubbish.” – Brendan advocates making new UIs and making the user work for it.
You can start with Britney Spears and end up with the Pope. Any interface that allows you to do that is good.
“If you don’t go out in the woods, nothing will never happen & your life will never begin…” Clarissa Pinkola Estes