Yesterday, Inside of Our Lady Queen of Angels Church

Yesterday, Inside of Our Lady Queen of Angels Church

Mon 02.16.09 – A candle shrine inside La Placita Church.
Yesterday, I took Steve Marshall on a curated tour of Los Angeles; by curated, I mean sites picked by me as interesting, opposed the usual Santa Monica, Venice, Hollywood and Beverly Hills tour of LA. The most delightful parts of our day were visiting the La Placita Church and Union Station.
I have loved Union Station since I was a child, but yesterday was the first time I stepped into La Placita, the oldest church in Los Angeles. The interior reminded me of a smaller version of San Thome in Chennai, as both churches were fairly plain inside* and just as delightful.
From Explore El Pueblo de Los Angeles:

Directly across Main Street from the Plaza, La Placita Church is the oldest Catholic Church in Los Angeles. It was first established in 1784 as a chapel. Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles (Our Lady Queen of the Angeles Church) or Old Plaza Church as it is also known was completed in 1822.

19th Century Photos of La Placita from Wikipedia:
A photo of the church from 1869
A photo by W.H. Jackson from the 1890s

My Flickr photoset from yesterday’s Photowalk.

* Given the excesses of interior Catholic church decor from the colonial/baroque era to late 19th century, yes – San Thome and La Placita are both plain for what they could have been. Ever been into the Cathedral in Granada? That is where quite a bit of Mexico’s gold and wealth ended up – Over conspicuous Spanish colonial consumption to say the least**.
** Y’all got a bit more of my opinion than you expected… ;o)