What Website do You Visit Every Day that Does Not Have a Feed?

If you are like me, you have found your web browsing managed by a feed reader that alerts you when web sites, blogs, and other subscription based web spaces make an update. But not every web site out there in the big wide world of the web has a subscription or a feed available… Shock! Horror! How 1999!
So, I have a few bookmarked that I like to visit but for various reasons they aren’t on my feed reader or don’t have a feed be it atom or rss or rdf or feedburner.
My favorite non-feed web site that I check every day is the Interactive Global Composite Weather Satellite Images page from NASA. This page allows me to see the most recent set of satellite images from the Pacific and see what weather is coming California’s way. It also allows me to see the Pacific Ocean and the nations on its rim as a whole rather than a set of disjointed far away places. Truly fun and lovely.
Best of all, you can animate up to the last 30 satellite images to see how the storms are tracking across the Pacific. The only sad thing is that due to various weather satellite agreements, most of Europe, Asia, and Africa are blacked out. Grrr… Give me the whole globe!
What websites do you go to every day that are not in your feed reader, so you either have them bookmarked or actually type out the URL old school style?