The Sunday Morning Update: Cam is being Released

In fabulously typical American hospital fashion, my Dad is being released this morning. Campbell gets to keep his spleen, which is good news, but it is still ruptured though healing.
Right now, Joe and I are packing up the hotel room, going to run a few errands, and then go pick up Cam from the hospital and drive him home to Parker.
I am going to stay in Parker at my brother’s house there for a week or so to watch over my Dad and make sure he is sleeping, resting, taking deep breaths, and generally taking care of himself. My Mom is going to join me tomorrow evening and stay with me for the week.
Please do continue to pray for his healing, as it will be a couple weeks before Cam is able to resume daily life.
Also, email me if you want to get a hold of me rather than call, as AT&T wireless has little to no reception in Parker, AZ.